Taiwan government knew about rabies well over a year ago

I find it surprising that nobody is getting in trouble for this. If I knew of a serious, possibly life-threatening situation in my classroom a year ago but didn’t notify anybody, I’d at the very least get fired and possibly charged with criminal negligence. Rabies was discovered in Taiwan in May of 2012, but the public and international community wasn’t informed until a year later. A year. That means that not only were people in Taiwan put at serious risk, but rabies could have been easily exported during that year because Taiwan maintained rabies-free status, allowing for less restrictions on animal exports and relocation of domestic animals.

CDC expands human rabies vaccine program

…Chang said the first confirmed indigenous infection of a ferret-badger was recorded as far back as May 2012, therefore, the CDC’s “Ensuring Safety” vaccination program has been adjusted to cover people who may have been bitten back then.


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