Please do not buy a dog

Starving canines rescued from abandoned kennel

A DOG’S LIFE:Taitung County animal rescue officials freed 148 dogs that had not been fed for a week from the breeding facility, at which seven had already died

There are plenty of dogs that need a good home and that you can have for free. When people buy dogs, it promotes dog breeding for profit, aka, puppy mills. Puppy mills are horrible places run by horrible people. With all the homeless dogs in Taiwan, why in the world are people breeding more? For money of course. Your money. If people simply stopped buying dogs, puppy mills would cease to exist. Not only are puppy mills simply nasty places, they produce poor quality dogs with weakened immune systems and inbred DNA profiles.

Scroll down the page on the following link for pictures of a puppy mill in Kaohsiung:

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