More on Moringa

Apologies for the poor quality of the cell-phone pictures below. The first is of moringa saplings in my garden. This was a bit of an experiment. I put the seeds in the ground shortly before typhoon Tembin hit. The typhoon destroyed the bed, basically flattening it, as you can see. Moringa is supposed to be tough, able to grow in poor soil with little water. I’ve found that it does require quite wet conditions to sprout, but once it does it is indeed a tough plant. In fact, the only condition under which I’ve lost saplings is when the soil has been too wet. In any case, these trees are growing under very poor conditions. It’s been quite hot and extremely dry since Tembin, and I have purposefully not repaired the bed and not watered to trees. I wanted to see just how tough they are. They’re tough. Any other garden vegetable would have certainly died under these conditions. The diguaye is doing very well, but it was established months ago and you would probably need napalm to kill it.

The second picture is of an older moringa tree in a large pot, and the third is of a fantastic large, white moth I saw the other day.

morniga in garden

morninga in pot

white moth

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