New Year is over! Fantastic!

This is why we just stayed home and did nothing during the New Year madness. I’m glad it’s over.

Taitung sees explosion in Lunar New Year visitor numbers

Taipei, Jan. 30 (CNA) Tourists who visited the eastern county of Taitung over the nine-day Lunar New Year holiday period outnumbered the regular population by two to one, while eight times the number of cars registered in the county were on the county’s roads, county officials said Monday.

According to county government estimates, 491,515 visitors traveled to the county over the nine days. As of last December, the county had a population of some 228,000 people.

Vehicles on the South Link Highway, the Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway and the Hualien-Taitung section of Provincial Highway No. 9 during the period totaled over 490,000, well above the 60,000 cars registered in Taitung, according to Taitung police statistics.

The car flow slowed northbound traffic between southern Taitung’s Dawu Township and Taitung City in the central part of the county from the usual one hour to over three hours at some points, the police said.

They said it took visitors more than two hours to travel by car from northern Taitung’s Chihshang to Taitung City on the third and fourth days of the Lunar New Year, a drive that usually takes only 40 minutes.

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  1. dulan drift says:

    Unless you are selling to them, then it seems better somehow.
    Though i did drive home from the market one evening to lock up the chickens and discovered someone parked out the front of my house in a big, brand new Toyota Pick-up Truck. I asked him what he was doing here and he said he was just enjoying the view.
    Ok, but this is my house, can you please leave?
    I then went down to lock up my chickens but rushed back up when i heard a crash and his wheels spinning. He had run over my banana tree and backed into an upright watering sprinkler and broke that. I yelled out but he drove off.

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