Nanmadol reloaded

Given that it’s poring down rain at the moment and that it’s becoming clear that some areas of southern Taiwan are going to get well over 1,000mm of rain from this storm, the CWB will probably be updating this forecast. Things are far dicier out there today than they were when the typhoon was actually over us.

CWB revises forecast on Nanmadol rains – The China Post

CWB revises forecast on Nanmadol rains

TAIPEI — Tropical Storm Nanmadol has continued to weaken and its threat will gradually diminish if its course continues unchanged, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Monday.

The CWB has adjusted its total precipitation forecast downwards. It had originally forecasted rainfalls of between 900 millimeters and 1,500 mm in the mountainous regions of Hualien between Saturday, Aug. 27 and Thursday, Sept. 1, but this has been revised lower to between 700 mm and 1,100 mm.

The CWB said it will lift the land warning for Taiwan proper Tuesday afternoon at the latest.

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