Shakin' and a bakin'

Not only is Indonesia experiencing increased activity. Taiwan has been having a lot of earthquakes in the 4.0 range in the last couple of weeks. Hualian had nearly twenty 3.0-4.5 quakes in one day.

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Indonesia volcano shoots new blast; 21 more rumble – Yahoo! News

“If it’s true that there are over 20 volcanos demonstrating increased levels of seismic activity, then that is something we should pay attention to,” said McInnes, a professor at Australia’s Curtin University who has done extensive volcanic research in Indonesia.

He said such an increase could indicate “a major plate restructuring” — a major shift in the plates’ position, rather than simply the usual jostling. “That would be significant.”

But seismologists also caution that while eruption patterns can be studied, neither earthquakes nor volcanos can be predicted with any precision.

“My theory is that it is just a normal, random fluctuation of volcanic activity,” said John Ebel, professor of geophysics at Boston University.

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