Govt. and NGOs sitting on Morakot money

This is disturbing given that I’ve taken a couple of drives into the mountains in the last two weeks, or at least attempted to drive into the mountains, and encountered washed out, impassable roads. One road was still merely covered with debris. It would have been quick and inexpensive to open. Clearly, any businesses on the other side of that blockage are, well, out of business. 11 BILLION+ creates a lot of interest when left in the bank, no?

Taipei Times – archives

Morakot money not spent

More than half of the donations collected by the government and private charities to provide relief to Typhoon Morakot victims have yet to be used, the latest government statistics showed. Of the NT$22 billion (US$684 million) collected for victim relief and post-disaster reconstruction, only 49.05 percent has been spent, with NT$11.4 billion still untouched, figures released by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) showed. The donations were collected by 69 fund-raising groups, including the MOI, local governments, the Red Cross Society, social welfare and charity organizations, non-profit foundations and religious groups.

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