One more reason to love Pingtung: FREE BEER!

That’s right. Free beer. Not just a glass of free beer, but as much free beer as you can put away while the store is open.

What store? Taisuco, aka 台糖, located near the old TaiTang factory. If you live in Pingtung, you know where it is.

Here’s the deal. Go to Taisuco and buy anything. A pack of gum, a peanut, whatever. Take your receipt to the Taisuco counter in the food court and you get FREE BEER until they close.

They start serving at 2 p.m. and apparently serve until 9 p.m. They give you a little 100cc paper cup, the kind you pee in for the doctor, but they were more than happy to fill mine up as much as I asked.

This is going on this weekend, June 19-20, 2010, and next weekend. It’s supposed to attract people to the food court to watch the World Cup, which was on… for a while, after which some soap opera came on. But who cares? Pingtung (home of very friendly, laid back people) , sunshine, free beer = life is good.

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