More shoddy reporting

I hate to bust their bubble (even though I don’t know who "they" are because no sources of information are cited), but it is simply not true that Taiwan "was the only country" to forecast Wed. afternoon (092021) that typhoon Lupid was going to change course. I have been following Lupid the last few days, and basically all the relevant agencies had predicted a turn except the US and one other that I can’t remember. A very nice site that charts the predictions of six regional weather bureaus is Integrated Multi-Agency Tropical Cyclone Forecast located at I have all bureaus tracked on that page and more on the wiki at

What really bugs me about the article below is that these bold claims are made but no sources are given making it impossible for anybody to question them. Typical crap reporting. One more reason I don’t buy their paper.

World weathermen follow Taiwan’s suit in Lupid forecast – The China Post

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) leads the world in correctly predicting a northbound turn of Typhoon Lupid Wednesday.

Taiwan was only county to forecast Wednesday afternoon that Lupid was turning first northward and later northeastward. At the time, forecasters from the U.S., Japan and China all predicted Lupid to advance west-southwest cross the Philippines.

The U.S. changed its forecast on Lupid’s path early yesterday and again at the afternoon from west to northwest. Japan made the northbound prediction similar to Taiwan’s forecast at 8:00 a.m. yesterday. China also changed its forecast yesterday.

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