Promotion of East Coast

Yea, but, if they’re successful, won’t the East Coast suffer? The reason it’s so nice is because there aren’t many people there, after all.

Taipei Times – archives

Web site promotes move to east Taiwan

Saturday, Oct 17, 2009, Page 2

The government has launched a special Web site to encourage migration to eastern Taiwan and set up businesses dedicated to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The Ministry of the Interior’s Construction and Planning Agency set up the Web site — — to serve as an information service platform to help attract long and short-stay vacationers and encourage migration to the east, an official said.

The new information service is also part of a comprehensive eastern Taiwan sustainable development project launched by the government, the official said.

Over the years, an increasing number of retirees and people who intend to launch new recreation and LOHAS — or lifestyles of health and sustainability — businesses have migrated to eastern Taiwan, mainly to Hualien County’s Ji-an Township (吉安) and Taitung County’s Luye Township (鹿野).

The Web site will provide information about land development, housing sales and leases to attract potential migrants, the official said.

He said eastern Taiwan boasts beautiful natural scenery suitable for promoting recreational farms, organic farms, herbal and aromatic orchards and deep-sea water industry in Hualien City and Hualien County’s Ji-an, Shoufong (壽豐), Yuli (玉里), Antong (安通) and Rueisuei (瑞穗) townships, as well as Taitung County’s Jhihben (知本) and Beinan (卑南) townships and Taitung City.

The development of the health care service sector will focus on acupuncture and qigong, he said.
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