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Approaching storm

What a difference a few hours makes. For most of the day here it was sunny and warm. The picture below was taken at about 4:00pm at the Jinzun beach. The wind is kicking up now.

Acting DPP chairwoman Chen Chu denied entry to Cuba

Huh… I wonder why… Kaohsiung mayor arrives in U.S. after rejection by Cuba 2012/02/23 12:47:52 Taipei, Feb. 23 (CNA) Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu has arrived in Los Angeles after being denied entry to Cuba, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Thursday. Officials from the Republic of China Embassy in the Dominican Republic and Taiwan’s representative […]

黑甜菜/hei1tian2cai4 is in season

The English name for 黑甜菜/hei1tian2cai4 is Black nightshade, and the variety we have here in Taiwan is either Solanum nigrum or Solanum americanum. (Also see This edible wild plant can be cooked in many different ways and has medicinal properties. We usually fry it with a generous amount of garlic and add salt to […]

Winning Taiwan lottery receipt numbers for November – December 2011

Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for Months 11-12, Year 2011 Special Prize 38032017 NT$10million for matching all the digits from the above special prize winning number. Grand Prize 38095343 NT$2 million for matching all the digits from the above grand prize winning number. First Prize 38583186 87541883 03658286 NT$200,000 for matching all the digits from any […]

Orchid Island waterspout

Joint Taiwanese-Chinese dictionary compiled

The websites that host the on-line dictionaries mentioned in the below article can be found at: (Taiwan site) (Chinese site) These links have also been added to the Formosahut wiki. Dictionary compiled by Taiwan, China talents released in Beijing Beijing, Feb. 8 (CNA) A new dictionary jointly compiled by scholars and experts from […]

Public phone ‘long distance’ rates dropping

When was the last time you used, or even saw, a pay phone in Taiwan? I’m assuming that ‘long distance’ here refers to calls being made within Taiwan, not, say, from Taitung to Chicago. Long-distance call rates from public phones going down By Shelley Shan / Staff Reporter Starting on March 1, people using public […]

Again, be careful about that J-1 visa

As I posted on a different blog, these working visas for students are, in my opinion, absolute crap. Aside from the case cited below which has been widely reported, I’ve heard negative stories first hand from a number of students who have gone to the US for a ‘working-study’ program. It’s largely bullshit, as far […]