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New Year is over! Fantastic!

This is why we just stayed home and did nothing during the New Year madness. I’m glad it’s over. Taitung sees explosion in Lunar New Year visitor numbers Taipei, Jan. 30 (CNA) Tourists who visited the eastern county of Taitung over the nine-day Lunar New Year holiday period outnumbered the regular population by two to […]

Taiwan to get US Visa Waiver Program status (probably)

It looks fairly certain that Taiwan will now gain entry into the US Visa Waiver Program, and possibly quite soon. I can’t imagine them finishing it until after the Chinese New Year is well over, but it looks fairly sure it will be done certainly by the end of the year and more probably in […]

Is the Taiwan real esate market in line to fall?

The worsening economy in Europe and the continuing weakness in the US is starting to take its toll on the housing market in China. This plus the recent easing of credit in China could be the straw that broke the housing bubble’s back. Asian Equities Decline Amid Signs European Crisis Is Worsening “Home Sales – […]