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Morning at the beach

We saw a dead sea krait on the beach today, specifically a Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait, or LATICAUDA COLUBRINA. (黃唇青斑海蛇 (huang2chun2qing1ban1hai3she2). Although it doesn’t show in this crappy cell-phone picture, there was a distinct yellow stripe on the bottom of the snake. Laticauda colubrina are the world’s most venomous snakes. However, due to their inoffensive, docile […]

Monkey robs convenience store at Zhong Shan uni Kaohsiung

「猴」厲害 一隻把風一隻搶超商 便利商店遭搶,嫌犯竟是一隻台灣獼猴!位在中山大學校區內的全家超商西灣店,廿四及廿五日先後被一隻獼猴闖入,「搶」了麵包就跑。店員驚嚇之餘,研判是同隻「慣犯」,店外還有同夥接應。 這件全台首例獼猴闖入超商的搶案發生後,店家因為損失輕微並未報警。但廿四日獼猴第一次行搶時,剛好有中山大學學生在店裡買東西撞見,用手機拍下搶案過程上傳,在網路上引起熱烈討論。

Toxic Chinese milk

Apparently aflatoxin has been found in Chinese milk. I believe this is the same mold-based toxin that often can be found in Taiwan peanut products, especially peanut candies. It can cause liver cancer. But what really got me about the article linked below was the information that, “In September, the government arrested 32 people over […]

Milkfish for sale

Regardless of one’s political persuasions, you have to give credit to the Mainland Chinese government for their increasingly effective efforts to buy Taiwanese voters. For years now, they have been courting Taiwanese farmers, and as this article illustrates, they are targeting Tainan fish farmers. Tainan has traditionally been a ‘green’, i.e., DPP base. As Tainan […]

Taiwan as homeland to much of Pacific Islanders

There is a growing body of anthropological evidence showing that many of the Pacific Islander peoples originated in Taiwan. This is a fascinating area of anthropology. Everything I’ve read points to populations in the Pacific Islands, including the Hawaiian islands, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand, in addition to the the smaller islands of […]

Taiwan air pollution

This is why we moved out of the city. Dismal pollution survey prompts Taiwan’s doctors to take action Taiwan’s air quality ranked an abysmal 35 out of 38 countries surveyed by the World Health Organization (WHO), with Taipei at number 551 out of the 565 cities profiled, boasting an air quality on par with “smoker’s […]

CWB English URL moved

The Taiwan CWB has once again changed the URL of their English service home page. The new page is located at Not only do they not have a forward from their old page, the English link on their Chinese home page still links to the old page,which is now a dysfunctional mess. They’ll probably […]