Posts from ‘October, 2011’

Value of academic research questioned

Well said, Shih Hsin Uni President Lai Ting-ming. Thank you for speaking out. Pressure to publish and otherwise carry out increasingly meaningless research is completely counter-productive to higher education. Not only does it harm instructors and students, it results in mountains of gobbledygook. Most of what passes as research, including that published in ‘peer reviewed’ […]

Where did the 921 donation money go?

This is why I quit giving money to charity, any charity. I simply don’t trust the people who run them. It’s telling that, long as this article is, it doesn’t answer the question of where the money ended up. Victims of 921 ask what happened to donations – Taipei Times Victims of 921 ask what […]

The snakes are out

The snakes are out and about, particularly in Zhiben, with one even being seen in the train station toilet. Watch your step! 蛇類橫行 知本逮60條 | 社會萬花筒 | 社會新聞 | 聯合新聞網 「蛇」輩橫行台東知本地區,119民眾報案電話響不停,台東縣知本消防分隊疲於奔命抓蛇,光是這個月,已累計捕捉60條不同種類的蛇,就連火車站廁所前天還出現1條約2公尺長的臭青母,嚇得旅客逃命報警。知本消防分隊表示,可能季節轉變,蛇為過冬,紛紛出來覓食,提醒民眾小心。