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Nanmadol reloaded

Given that it’s poring down rain at the moment and that it’s becoming clear that some areas of southern Taiwan are going to get well over 1,000mm of rain from this storm, the CWB will probably be updating this forecast. Things are far dicier out there today than they were when the typhoon was actually […]

Nanmadol looks interesting, unpredictable, and therefore cool

Nanmadol is a storm to be watched, as are they all. You can keep up to date with this storm on our homepage, and discussion will happen here and at

Free guide book available

You can download the free guidebook The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan (the title says it all)  at the link below. The link to the free guidebook as at the bottom of that page. It’s a fairly decent reference with just about any phone number you’d need for traveling in Taiwan. You can also […]

A swim worth noting

This is a story worth noting. Taiwan gave a tremendous amount of support to Japan after the tsunami, but there was very little international recognition of that support for political reasons. Good luck on the swim! Japanese swimmers to battle Kuroshio current to reach Taiwan – The China Post TAIPEI–A group of Japanese swimmers are […]

JADAB = Just another day at the beach

I went to the beach today on a whim. It was a beautiful day, but the beach was so damn crowded! Click on the pictures for a larger image.