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Site provides typhoon/hurricane tracking using Google Earth files

This site from Central Florida University posts Google Earth files for various storm tracking models. These files have the .kmz extension and should open with Google Earth automatically when clicked. This link was also added to the wiki weather page.

Winning Taiwan lottery receipt numbers for May and June 2011

Read below for the specific prizes. Here are all the winning combinations. If your receipt matches at least the last three of any of the sets below, investigate futher: 1 1 8 6 7 7 2 6 1 9 9 2 2 5 1 0 5 5 7 3 9 6 8 9 2 9 […]

Another reason to take development slowly on the east coast

Three sarcophagi found in Taitung – Taipei Times A cluster of three ancient sarcophagi recently discovered in Taitung could give archeologists new insights into a nearby prehistoric site, a researcher from the National Museum of Prehistory said on Thursday. Parts of the sarcophagi, or stone coffins, have already been unearthed, showing them to be 60cm […]

Donghe harvest festival this weekend

The Donghe harvest festival will be held this weekend, July 9 and 10. Most of the activities will be taking place at the elementary school.

Shakin’ it in Hualien

So… are you guys in Hualien getting any earthquakes lately? Click the image to enlarge.

New weather site added to wiki weather page

The Naga College Typhoon Preparedness Center runs a good site located at They seems to publish predictions on developing storms sooner than other sites.