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I was one of them… twice

Take notice. The Hsianglan section is south of Taimali. Taitung pulls in NT$20 mil. annually from traffic camera – The China Post Taitung pulls in NT$20 mil. annually from traffic camera TAICHUNG — The traffic camera at the Hsianglan section of Provincial Highway No. 9 has captured an average 1,500 speeding drivers each month, which […]

Will this mean more scholarships for students wishing to study in Taiwan?

Taiwan already offers some fantastic scholarships to foreign students. As this article points out,  many of the foreign students already in Taiwan are here to study Chinese, but even more are here for four-year and advanced degrees. As a foreign student, it’s possible to complete a degree program in Taiwan without assuming any debt. Not […]

Taiwan creates website for Chinese students

Taiwan is set to begin accepting Chinese students on a full-time basis. At present, Chinese students can only study in Taiwan on a temporary, exchange basis. 大學校院招生大陸地區學生聯合招生委員會 ‧ 100學年度招收大陸地區學生研究所及學士班招生簡章、招生系所組與名額一覽表、標準作業流程、常見問題、招生資料查詢系統、下載專區、委員會組織、重要日程、規章辦法等…相關內容,已公告請至網站下載內容,謝謝 !! (2011.4.8)

Protests in Egypt

Vocabulary:埃及    AÄ« jí    Egypt é©…æ•£    qÅ« sàn    disperse; break up 示威者    shì wÄ“i zhÄ›    demonstrator; protester 廣場    guÇŽng chÇŽng    a public square (e.g. Tiananmen Square); plaza; CL:個|个[ge4] 穆巴拉克    Mù bā lā kè    Hosni Mubarak 委員會    wÄ›i yuán huì    committee 開槍    kāi qiāng    to open fire; to shoot a gun BBC 中文网 – 國際新聞 – 簡訊:埃及軍隊驅散開羅示威者 […]