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On-line Chinese dictionary

Taipei Times – archives Dictionary wins praise The online Mandarin Chinese dictionary compiled by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education is a powerful tool for foreign students learning Chinese, a senior Belgian journalist said on Thursday. Catherine Vuylsteke, the Asian page editor of the Belgian daily De Morgen, is now studying Chinese at Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung […]

Chinese students allowed to study in Taiwan universities…

…with restrictions Taipei Times – archives Door opened to Chinese students STICK TO BOOKS: Under a KMT-DPP consensus, about 2,000 Chinese students will be able to study in Taiwan, but they won’t be able to work during their studies By Shih Hsiu-chuanSTAFF REPORTERFriday, Aug 20, 2010, Page 1 Taiwan’s colleges and graduate schools will begin […]

Picture of old Taiwan

This is the place to go for old pictures of Taiwan: Taiwan Pictures Digital Archive –

Kinmen getting more universities

超過 chāo guò to surpass; to exceed; to outstrip 離島 lí dÇŽo outlying islands 理想 lǐ xiÇŽng a dream; an ideal; perfection; ideal; perfect; desirable; CL:個|個[ge4] 記者 jì zhÄ› reporter; journalist; CL:個|個[ge4] 規則 guÄ« zé rule; regulation; rules and regulations 招生 zhāo shÄ“ng to enroll new students; recruitment 即使 jí shǐ even if; even though […]