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Free traditional Chinese fonts

Here are two good sources for free traditional Chinese fonts:

Professors may be allowed to earn extra income (yawn)

The article below states that, “Article 34 of the act bars full-time personnel from teaching part-time or working part-time outside the school that employs them.” I wonder if this is news to all those academics who own and/or work in bushibans. Taipei Times – archives Professors may be allowed to take up corporate positions BY […]

One more reason to love Pingtung: FREE BEER!

That’s right. Free beer. Not just a glass of free beer, but as much free beer as you can put away while the store is open. What store? Taisuco, aka 台糖, located near the old TaiTang factory. If you live in Pingtung, you know where it is. Here’s the deal. Go to Taisuco and buy […]

One more reason to love Pingtung

Chinese idiom dictionary adds English idioms

You can find this dictionary at Taipei Times – archives Idiom dictionary upgraded The Ministry of Education said yesterday that it had added an English function to its online idiom dictionary ( and it would expand the content for English users in the near future. The Dictionary of Chinese Idioms, which was launched online […]

Taiwan celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

Vocabulary: 端午節    duān wÇ” jié    The Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month) 各地    gè dì    in all parts of (a country); various regions 舉辦    jÇ” bàn    to conduct; to hold 慶祝 qìng zhù celebrate 龍舟    lóng zhōu    dragon boat; imperial boat 競賽    jìng sài    race; competition; 隊伍    duì wǔ    ranks; […]

Taiwan navy offers reward for …

Taiwan navy offers reward for missing torpedo. “Is that a snorkeler?” “No, by golly, it’s a German-built SUT torpedo!”

Cash reward for missing torpedo

The article says that the reward is offered to fisherman who finds a torpedo. So a lucky beachcomber doesn’t get anything? Taiwan navy offers reward for missing torpedo – Taiwan News Online Taiwan navy offers reward for missing torpedoagence france-pressePage 32010-06-16 12:00 AM Taiwan’s navy is offering a cash reward to any fisherman who finds […]

Winning Taiwan receipt lottery numbers for March and April, 2010

Grand Prize – NT$2 million for matching all the digits from the grand prize winning numbers. 1 9 4 3 5 1 9 0 5 4 7 3 7 6 3 2 8 7 8 4 9 8 6 7 First Prize – NT$200,000 for matching all the digits from any of the first prize […]

Preserving Taiwan’s indigenous languages and cultures

You can find the new on-line dictionary that is the subject of this story at Vocabulary: 表示    biÇŽo shì    to express; to show; to say; to state; to indicate; to mean 原住民    yuán zhù mín    indigenous peoples; aborigine 編纂    biān zuÇŽn    compile 尤其是    yóu qí shì    especially; most of all; above all; in particular […]