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Indigenous people guard forest after Typhoon Morakot

Vocabulary: 原住民    yuán zhù mín    indigenous peoples原    yuán    former 守護    shÇ’u hù    to stand guard守    shÇ’u    to guard 摧毀    cuÄ« huǐ    destroy 成立    chéng lì    establish 保護    bÇŽo hù    to protect保    bÇŽo    to defend 遭受    zāo shòu    to suffer遭    zāo    meet by chance (usually with misfortune) 破壞    pò huài    destructionç ´    pò    to break 行政院    xíng […]

Absolutely, positively something to look for

I’ll be looking for this model, and if anybody sees it on the shelves in Pingtung, please let me know. Slashdot Hardware Story | Asus Budget Ultraportable Notebook Sold Sans OS EconolineCrush writes “Tired of paying the Windows tax on notebooks? Asus’s Eee PC 1201T budget ultraportable comes without a traditional operating system and sells […]

More routes between Taiwan and Japan

Air routes between Taiwan and Japan have decreased over the years, so it’s nice to see that the trend seems to be reversing. Taipei Times – archives New routes head to Japan A shorter air route between Hualien and the Japanese islands of Ishigaki and Yonaguni will be available from July 28, reducing the flight […]

Kaohsiung metro system expects decline in losses in 2010 高雄捷運系統預期2010年虧損下降

Vocabulary: 虧損    kuÄ« sÇ”n    deficit虧    kuÄ«    deficiency 預期    yù qÄ«    expect預    yù    to advance 統計    tÇ’ng jì    statisticsçµ±    tÇ’ng    to gather 客運量    kè yùn liàng    amount of passenger traffic客運    kè yùn    passenger traffic客    kè    customer 收支    shōu zhÄ«    cash flow收    shōu    to receive 平衡    píng héng    balanceå¹³    Píng    surname Pingå¹³    píng    flat 官員    guān yuán    […]

And now for a complete waste of time and money…

The Taiwan Legislative Yuan is about as worthless and ineffectual as the US Congress, if that’s even possible. No, it’s worse than that. If they were simply ineffectual that would be OK, but they do affect life in Taiwan in many ways, all negative. They waste an enormous amount of money, act like spoiled brats […]

And non-citizen teachers will be the first to feel it…

Pension funds fall with the market in the modern world, and that sucks because we pay into it, and what we pay into does not rise or fall with the market. But oh well. The writing is on the wall with this story. To begin with, non-citizen university teachers in Taiwan already do not get […]

Southern Taiwan still needs rain

What a difference a year makes. Ten months ago we were flooded, now we’re in drought, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change this week. I actually sort of like this weather though, I must admit.

Yet more on Taiwan as the origin of many Pacific Islanders

Taipei Times – archives Pacific Islanders’ history With reference to your review of my book, Surviving Paradise (“Notes from a very small island,” May 9, page 14), and Bradley Winterton’s doubts about my claim that Taiwanese Aborigines colonized the Pacific Islands, I would like to clarify and support this claim. It is the orthodox view […]

Kenting Express provides service from Zuoying HSR to Kenting

The Kenting Express is not only a good way to get to Kenting, but to other stops along the way as well, such as Fangliao. Taipei Times – archives An express bus service began this month for travelers heading from the Zuoying (左營) high speed rail station to Kenting (墾丁). The Kenting Express Line will […]