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Protest against dog breeder

Kavalan Whisky wins award

台灣酒揚名/噶瑪蘭 出國比賽曾得獎 | 國際萬象 | 全球觀察 | 聯合新聞網 台灣酒揚名/噶瑪蘭 出國比賽曾得獎 2010.01.26 04:12 am 自家的「噶瑪蘭威士忌」(KAVALAN WHISKY)在國際品酒大會上得到好評,金車企業感到很意外,金車威士忌酒廠更是十分興奮。 金車表示,金車威士忌酒廠目前有四支威士忌,這支參加評選的噶瑪蘭威士是前年推出的第一支威士忌,並以酒廠所在地的原住民噶瑪蘭族命名,酒齡不到三年,在這次蘇格蘭品酒會的盲測中,它顯然是比較年輕。之前這支威士忌在去年參加舊金山世界烈酒競賽,得到銀牌獎,也被威士忌聖經(Whisky Bible)一書的作者收錄在2010年版裡。 金車威士忌酒廠表示,噶瑪蘭威士忌的口味略甜,帶著雪莉酒風味,他們之前也不知道這支酒會被拿到品酒會上評比,有可能是金車酒廠的顧問Jim Swan提供的。目前金車的酒廠年產九百萬瓶,主要是供應內銷。 金車威士忌酒廠是全台第一家威士忌酒廠,設立之初,該公司董事長曾親自帶領研發團隊,多次前往蘇格蘭與日本等知名酒廠觀摩學習,試喝了上百款酒品才決定其風味,並分批引進蘇格蘭蒸餾器,導入國外釀酒技術,採用中央山脈與雪山山脈孕育的清淨水源。

Chewing Chinse input using pinyin

Why did I never know that you can input Chinese using pinyin on the Chewing input method? I always thought it was purely a zhuyin input method, but there is an option to use pinyin with Chewing. This makes Chewing the choice input method for traditional Chinese on Linux input systems such as IBus and […]

One step closer to US visa waiver for Taiwanese?

It’s always nice to see that US officials are optimistic about Taiwan being included on the US visa-waiver program. It would be nice to see some sort of time frame. Six months from now? A year? Five years? Taipei Times – archives US optimistic on visa waiver An official of the US Department of Homeland […]

Taiwan universities to invite Chinese students

Good news for the Taiwan higher educational system: Taipei Times – archives Schools aiming to attract Chinese pupilsAIMING FOR SEPTEMBER: Proponents of amendments that would allow Chinese students to study in Taiwan want the legislature to pass them in the current session STAFF WRITER, WITH AP AND CNA , TAIPEIFriday, Jan 08, 2010, Page 2 […]

Taiwan income taxes to be lowered

Hey USA, look at this! Taiwan has national health care and amazingly low taxes. As with most people with an average income, I fall into the 12% bracket (down from 13%) after claiming very generous standard deductions on my income. In fact, if I were to teach the bare minimum, taking on no additional seminars […]