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iPod zombies

Beware, iPod zombie cyclists are on the rise – Times Online WATCH out for the iPod zombies. Cyclists distracted by music blaring in their ears have become the latest menace on Britain’s roads. The fashion for cyclists to wear earphones on crowded city streets is being held partly responsible for the recent upsurge in cycling […]

$2 million? Sure. How would you like that?

Taiwanese do carry a lot of cash, but $2 million? What was the guy thinking? Seeing as the biggest NT note is worth about $30, that would be one huge load to carry. (Actually, there is a NT2,000 note… or was.) Man robbed of $2 million bank withdrawal – Yahoo! News Man robbed of $2 […]


Two American young women founded a non-profit organization committed to enabling people in China to lift themselves from poverty. Being able to help people by using your skills must be great but I can not help but wonder how the rich people and government of China feel when they read about this.  美國2年輕女子設中國窮人銀行, 能以專長幫助人最棒.但不禁好奇中國富人和政府的感覺. Tiny […]

Dubai party is over

Dubai going bankrupt – the party was too large to be successful.  杜拜玩完了- 派對不要開太大 . 杜拜世界 恐賣老本還債 | 杜拜倒債危機 | 全球觀察 | 聯合新聞網 杜拜世界 恐賣老本還債【經濟日報╱編譯于倩若/綜合外電】 2009.11.27 05:02 am 杜拜旗下最大企業體杜拜世界(Dubai World)將改組並暫停償還債務。杜拜世界曾被譽為杜拜經濟王冠上的寶石,如今為了償還鉅額債務,可能被迫緊急出售旗下珍貴的資產。 目前不清楚杜拜世界會不會降價出售資產,以解決債務問題。杜拜世界擁有許多吸引人的資產,包括三年前以39億英鎊收購的P&O港口、拉斯維加斯米高梅幻象賭場集團9.4%的股權、紐約Barneys百貨10%股權。隨著全球收購胃納大增,杜拜世界若決定降價出脫資產,想必會引起西方投資人熱烈迴響。 杜拜世界的資產從房地產到港口包羅萬象,目前負債近600億美元,暫緩償還債務勢必重創投資人對杜拜償還鉅額債務的信心,這也是杜拜因房地產市場崩潰陷入經濟危機一年來遭遇的最大難關。 杜拜政府已指定顧問業者德勤公司(Deloitte)主導整頓杜拜世界。杜拜財政部發言人說,杜拜世界董事長蘇萊姆及其他經營團隊成員都將留任,並協助德勤整頓。該發言人25日說:「杜拜世界高層事實上已試圖自行改組一段時間,杜拜政府決定必須扮演更積極主動的角色。」 杜拜政府說,今年稍早為管理杜拜債務而成立的財政援助基金,將開始評估改組的規模。杜拜說,杜拜世界的資產組合包含「許多具戰略重要性的業務,改組的目的是履行財務義務,並改善杜拜世界未來的經營效率」。 杜拜政府26日表示,杜拜世界旗下的中東最大港口營運商DP世界公司不在改組範圍。 杜拜世界暫停償債,將立即影響旗下房地產子公司Nakheel原定下個月償還的35億美元債券,該債券曾被視為杜拜是否有能力償債重要指標。 標準普爾公司在10月的報告中估計,杜拜政府與企業負債總共約800到900億美元,其中有高達一半的債務與杜拜世界有關。

Getting into the White House easier than passing US immigration

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Secret Service is investigating how two aspiring reality TV stars beat several layers of security to gatecrash President Barack Obama’s first White House state dinner. Hmm… Getting into the White House doesn’t require a visa. It is easier than going through US immigration.混進白宮國宴 特勤維安大漏洞進白宮國宴-不必簽證, 不經機場海關, 比入境美國容易. Barack Obama party gatecrashed by […]

September – October Taiwan receipt lottery winning numbers

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to pull out all those receipts and hope for that magical combination of numbers that will bring your dreams of retiring on the East Coast one step closer to reality. So, here they are: Uniform-Invoice Winning Numbers, Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for Months 9-10, Year 2009 – eTax Portal, […]

Another Canadian busted

A Canadian man was arrested yesterday for drug-trafficking and growing marijuana in his residence in Taichung. Not again! But at least he did not say a cowardly thing like “I didn’t know it is illegal to grow marijuana in Taiwan.” 老外因禁藥被抓-又來了 , 這次沒說”不知種大麻在台灣是違法的…..” 懦弱的強辨. Canadian man busted for marijuana – The China Post Canadian man […]

Not allowed to hang your laundry outside?

US residents are battling with property owners and neighbors for the right to hang their laundry outdoors. It’s odd that the country where people put most importance on “human rights” fusses over such small things that people here take for granted, like discussing if you can be naked in your own home. 美國人拚節能, 爭戶外曬衣權- 最講人權的國家竟需爭這台灣人無法想像的芝麻綠豆小事, […]

科技之島 – High tech island… not

I used to think the title “high-tech island” meant that Taiwan was advanced in every aspect, but I doubt this is accurate now that I’m aware of how much we’ve fallen behind in educational technology, how unpopular  Lixus is, how unpopular Fiber-optic communication is, etc. Just because Taiwan manufactures computers doesn’t mean it’s high tech. […]

Love, envy, and hormones

Study: “The same hormone evokes both love and envy”. There are pros and cons and at least two sides to everything. That’s probably why a person has many sides. 以色列海法大學的研究證實,引發愛與妒恨情緒皆出自於相同荷爾蒙.事情也是兩面- 人就不止了, 好多面. 出自相同荷爾蒙 由愛生妒有醫學根據 | 即時新聞 | 生活天氣 | 聯合新聞網 出自相同荷爾蒙 由愛生妒有醫學根據【中央社╱特拉維夫15日專電】 2009.11.15 10:28 pm 以色列海法大學的研究證實,引發愛與妒恨情緒皆出自於相同荷爾蒙,好比一個銅板的兩面。 以色列「耶路撒冷郵報」(Jerusalem Post)報導,「催產素」(Oxytocin)為眾所周知的「愛情荷爾蒙」,可使人產生同情、慷慨與信任的情感。 但測試56名志願參與實驗者的反應發現,催產素也可引發人產生因愛生妒的反社會負面行為,證明愛與妒以及由愛生妒為一體兩面。 海法大學的這項研究,發表在「生物精神病學」(Biological Psychiatry)期刊。 主持這項研究的沙米蘇瑞(Simone Shamay-Tsoory)博士說,依據研究催產素的發現推測,它是催化所有社交情緒的荷爾蒙。 她說,當某人的社交多朝正向發展,催產素可刺激人產生符合社會要求的行為,反之催產素則將誘發人產生負面的情緒。 原先的研究發現,催產素對於產生正面情緒有正面的效果,婦女生產或與伴侶發生性行為時,它會從體內自然釋出。 […]