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Chunghwa Post offering debit cards

I haven’t gotten one yet, but I probably will eventually. Taiwan Today Post office to offer Visa debit cards * Publication Date:09/22/2009 * Source: United Daily News State-run Chunghwa Post Co. Ltd. is poised to become the largest bank-card issuer in Taiwan following the approval of its plan to offer Visa debit cards to its […]

U.S. visa-waiver status for Taiwanese

This is a very big issue especially for Taiwanese who live hours away from Taipei. At present, one must go to Taipei to pick up a visa. If you have a morning appointment, that usually means going the night before and staying in a hotel. By the time you’re done paying for transportation, lodging, food, […]

More shoddy reporting

I hate to bust their bubble (even though I don’t know who "they" are because no sources of information are cited), but it is simply not true that Taiwan "was the only country" to forecast Wed. afternoon (092021) that typhoon Lupid was going to change course. I have been following Lupid the last few days, […]

Taitung air pollution

Taitung air pollution may sound like an oxymoron, but atmospheric conditions have been creating some very bad air on the East Coast in the last few days. 台東風飛沙 懸浮微粒破表 | 基宜花東 | 地方新聞 | 聯合新聞網 台東市昨天又變「沙城」!受東北季風加上盧碧颱風外圍環流影響,台東卑南溪風飛沙再起,沿岸城市灰濛濛,嚴重程度讓台東縣環保局測量的空氣懸浮微粒濃度「破表」。台東市區才隔一個路口,對向商店招牌就看不清楚,能見度不到兩公尺。 台東氣象站指出,時序邁入秋季,正吹東北季風,加上盧碧颱風外圍環流影響,昨天台東市平均風速4級、最大陣風達8級,也把卑南溪床上的沙塵吹揚而起,整個台東市區沙塵漫天,民眾怨聲載道。 台東縣環保局空氣噪音防制科昨天測量懸浮微粒濃度,到昨天中午12時濃度已超過最高標準值每立方公尺1000微克,等於「破表」;呼籲民眾沒事還是不要出門。 「桌子、櫃台才剛擦過,不到幾分鐘又是一層沙了!」中午最熱鬧的台東市正氣路商家,老闆忙著做生意,不忘提醒工讀生或自己拿抹布擦拭櫃台,商家抱怨:「每次東北季風台東就被沙塵搞得慘兮兮,只能多準備一些布和防塵幕。」 中華橋上嚴重飛沙讓行經的機車騎士幾乎睜不開眼,只能慢速行駛,市區能見度低於兩公尺。 長期以來治理卑南溪風飛沙問題的水利署第八河川局也很頭痛,河川局秘書許金龍表示,昨天有開噴水槍治沙,但部分機械在八八水災時受創損壞,且有14支噴水槍流失,防沙效力有限。 許金龍說,已與嘉義大學等單位合作,請工人在卑南溪床上試種蘆葦,希望找到更有效的方式治理風飛沙。

Wow! Now that's dirty air!

I’ve never seen the air in Taiwan over 200, although I’ve often seen it hit the mid to high 100s. And on the east coast too. I swam 2K yesterday and wish I hadn’t. I felt like hell the rest of the day. The AQI in Pingtung has been hovering around 115 for the past […]

Pingtung airport to close. Why not make it a public park?

I’ve lived in Pingtung for years and never used the airport. I’m not surprised it’s closing. This is a good opportunity for our brainless fearless leaders to actually improve Pingtung by making the airport into a public park. Better yet, maybe just get rid of all the buildings and let things grow. News from The […]

Promotion of East Coast

Yea, but, if they’re successful, won’t the East Coast suffer? The reason it’s so nice is because there aren’t many people there, after all. Taipei Times – archives Web site promotes move to east Taiwan STAFF WRITER, WITH CNASaturday, Oct 17, 2009, Page 2 The government has launched a special Web site to encourage migration […]

Taiwan universities facing closure

Education Ministry making preparations for university closures – Taiwan News Online Education Ministry making preparations for university closuresCentral News Agency2009-10-13 12:00 AM The Ministry of Education (MOE) has been making preparations to help local and particularly private universities, to gradually leave the education market in the event that they continue to fail to recruit enough […]