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Taiwan typhoons, weather information, school closings, etc.

There are three storms heading our way at the moment, one tropical storm and two tropical depressions, all of which could become typhoons. Regardless of how they develop, it looks almost certain that we’re going to get something in the coming week. The following links can help you stay on top of what’s happening: Weather […]

Winning Taiwan receipt lottery numbers for July and August

GRAND PRIZE 0 4 3 4 5 1 4 4 3 6 4 1 5 5 7 4 6 1 8 7 5 8 8 9 FIRST PRIZE 0 5 7 5 7 0 4 5 8 6 5 5 1 9 3 8 9 0 2 5 3 3 5 1 Additional Sixth Prize […]

Well done, Penghu residents!

This is great news. Casinos on Penghu would have been a disaster. I like to play a slot machine as much as the next person, but this was just a bad idea from the start. Last year, a number of my students wrote essays about the proposal to put casinos on Penghu, and not only […]

PRC Domestic problems + ROC independence push could = conflict

Some of the sentiments expressed in this article reflect thoughts I’ve had for quite a while. Domestic conflict in China could be a major contributing factor to any decision on its part to take some sort of military action, however limited, against Taiwan. Such action would serve two purposes, to distract critics at home in […]

MOE wasting students' time and money

This letter to the Taipei Times deserves to be posted in full and read by anybody interested in English education in Taiwan. The GEPT is a farce. The author doesn’t mention this, but one reason I think the MOE pushes the GEPT onto captive Taiwan students is because of the  revenue it produces. Taipei Times […]

Too much money and too little to do

I don’t feel too sorry for these kids. Any kid their age with enough money to buy one of these scooters, which go for well over $1,000, can’t claim to have a bad life.

DOH, is that science or Homer Simpson?

The Taiwan DOH just can not seem to get their head, doh, on straight. They’re either sending conflicting messages simultaneously, or refusing to admit that they may actually need to rethink things. Or maybe they’re just not thinking at all… But that’s just it, we don’t know because they’re not releasing enough information regarding the […]

Can a local herb cure swine flu?

I’m a huge believer in home remedies and nine times out of ten find that they work better than pharmaceutical options. Following are some excerpts from a story about a folk remedy that has proved useful for treating swine flu. I often use home remedies as a basis for a class activity, and there’s an […]

Nice site for Chinese study

This is actually an English learning site for native Chinese speakers, but I think you’ll find it works quite well for Chinese study also: 線上英漢字典與翻譯 – nè©žé…·