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Will the Taiwan CDC listen?

Print friendly – News from The China Post ‘Don’t overuse vaccine’ Saturday, August 29, 2009The China Post news staff A U.S. disease control official visiting Taipei City yesterday said placing everyone with a mild cold or mild symptoms of A(H1N1) on antiviral treatment is unnecessary, pointing out that it is not only expensive and a […]

Yet another reason to just say no

Taiwan Headlines Tamiflu should not be given to all patients with flu-like symptoms without the initial screening test because that could cause drug misuse and abuse, while about 30 percent of Tamiflu users experience harmful side effects that are worse than the symptoms caused by the virus, Kuo noted.

Typical bureaucratic stupidity

Is it any wonder people get confused? Here are two stories appearing on the same day in the Taiwan English press, one advocating holding off on Tamiflu until positive H1N1 results are found, the other suggesting that doctors can prescribe Tamiflu even when negative results are found. This is one more reason to ignore all […]

More ineffectual bureaucratic nonsense

This temperature taking nonsense is a confusing waste of time. But, they’re politicians and they have to pretend like they’re doing something. Schools to take temperatures of students to stop swine flu virus spread – Taiwan News Online The Ministry of Education wants schools to take the temperatures of all students as the new academic […]

Just say no

Health authorities in Taiwan and throughout NE Asia seem to be overreacting to H1N1. Some countries, China for one I believe, are still quarantining people even suspected of having the swine flu. In Taiwan authorities give Tamiflu to not only people who have caught H1N1, but to their entire family as well. Being quite healthy, […]

Do I sense a disconnect here?

These two articles appeared in the China Post today. It appears the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. Counties halt intake of goods, ask for cash – The China Post Counties halt intake of goods, ask for cash TAIPEI, Taiwan — Amid outpour of help across the island, Kaohsiung and Pintung Counties […]

Students affected by typhoon to receive aid, waivers

Aid measures for students affected by typhoon announced – Taiwan News Online If necessary, MOE to open temporary classrooms at various shelters, says Wu The government announced yesterday schooling and aid measures for students affected by Typhoon Morakot to ensure their education is not interrupted. Information provided by the Central Emergency Operation Center shows that […]

Latest on Xiaolin (小林)

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News on Liugui (六龜)

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Jinlun (金崙) Wenquan (溫泉) Binmao (賓茂) all hit hard as well

If you’re not familiar with the Jinlun (金崙) area, you’ve missed some of the best people, scenery, and hot springs that Taiwan has to offer. Unfortunately, they were also hit hard by the typhoon. Below is the only video I’ve been able to find of the area. We used to go there by train, but […]