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First human rabies case

This was bound to happen. Given the fact that the government knew about rabies on Taiwan for a YEAR but didn’t inform the public, chances are it’s far more widespread than they’re letting on. Man tests positive for rabies after pet bite A man in Taitung City tested positive for rabies last night after […]

Please do not buy a dog

Starving canines rescued from abandoned kennel A DOG’S LIFE:Taitung County animal rescue officials freed 148 dogs that had not been fed for a week from the breeding facility, at which seven had already died There are plenty of dogs that need a good home and that you can have for free. When people buy […]

Wild boar tracks

When I first saw these tracks I thought they were deer as they look very much like the deer tracks one would see in the US, but I soon realized they are most likely wild boar. This is only a few hundred meters from Route 11. Click to enlarge. Next  

Wild pig?

I’m pretty sure what I saw in the shadows and definitely heard tonight was a wild pig. I’m not sure what else it could have been. Whatever it was, it was large enough to easily move through the extremely dense, tall grass behind our house, jump up onto the driveway for an instant, then dart […]