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Taiwan government knew about rabies well over a year ago

I find it surprising that nobody is getting in trouble for this. If I knew of a serious, possibly life-threatening situation in my classroom a year ago but didn’t notify anybody, I’d at the very least get fired and possibly charged with criminal negligence. Rabies was discovered in Taiwan in May of 2012, but the […]

First human rabies case

This was bound to happen. Given the fact that the government knew about rabies on Taiwan for a YEAR but didn’t inform the public, chances are it’s far more widespread than they’re letting on. Man tests positive for rabies after pet bite A man in Taitung City tested positive for rabies last night after […]

Rabies returns to Taiwan

This is a pretty big story. With all the stray dogs in Taiwan, I suspect rabies will spread quite quickly. Just as disturbing is that it appears the government (Council of Agriculture) has been hiding from the public the fact that rabies has been back for more than a year. What were they going to […]

Clarinase being restricted in Taiwan

Distribution of Clarinase, the medicinal equivalent to Claritin, is apparently being restricted in Taiwan. Clarinase is the OTC allergy drug of choice for many allergy sufferers in Taiwan. I have used Clarinase regularly (a couple times a month) over the years because it’s a wonderful product. Anybody who has any sort of acute sinus or […]

The snakes are out

The snakes are out and about, particularly in Zhiben, with one even being seen in the train station toilet. Watch your step! 蛇類橫行 知本逮60條 | 社會萬花筒 | 社會新聞 | 聯合新聞網 「蛇」輩橫行台東知本地區,119民眾報案電話響不停,台東縣知本消防分隊疲於奔命抓蛇,光是這個月,已累計捕捉60條不同種類的蛇,就連火車站廁所前天還出現1條約2公尺長的臭青母,嚇得旅客逃命報警。知本消防分隊表示,可能季節轉變,蛇為過冬,紛紛出來覓食,提醒民眾小心。

Dengue fever is back. So, what’s the news?

Here is an example of non-news posing as news. News would be if the CDC were to announce that there was no threat of dengue fever this year, or if they had found a new way to prevent or treat it. Of course, it’s good practice for the CDC to remind people to be aware […]

Uni-President: We do not use MUCH plasticizer

What is meant by ‘not much’? Wouldn’t ‘none’ be preferable? Ma wants additive makers punished – The China Post Uni-President, Taiwan maker of sports drink Pocari Sweat, says it does not use much plasticizer in its products.  

Premier Wu a qualified expert on nuclear energy?

The extent of Premier Wu Den-yih’s (吳敦義) higher education is a BA degree in History, so I fail to see how he finds himself qualified to comment on the safety of Taiwan’s nuclear power plants. It’s particularly troubling to read that Wu claims that Taiwan’s plants are safer because they use technology that doesn’t yet […]

And you're worried about US Beef? Part 2 (or whatever)

The odds of catching mad cow disease from any beef in the world is so close to zero as to be a non-issue. But well over a third of the people with AIDS in China contracted it through blood transfusions, and now that blood is heading to Taiwan. They say the blood coming to Taiwan […]

iPod zombies

Beware, iPod zombie cyclists are on the rise – Times Online WATCH out for the iPod zombies. Cyclists distracted by music blaring in their ears have become the latest menace on Britain’s roads. The fashion for cyclists to wear earphones on crowded city streets is being held partly responsible for the recent upsurge in cycling […]