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Keep learning with MOOCs

MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, are a great way to keep on learning even though you may be living, say, on the side of a remote mountain. The number and variety of MOOCs is exploding. Here are a couple sites to get you started:  

Value of academic research questioned

Well said, Shih Hsin Uni President Lai Ting-ming. Thank you for speaking out. Pressure to publish and otherwise carry out increasingly meaningless research is completely counter-productive to higher education. Not only does it harm instructors and students, it results in mountains of gobbledygook. Most of what passes as research, including that published in ‘peer reviewed’ […]

10,000 job openings for Mandarin teachers announced

Take note, graduating seniors. India has announced that it’s expanding it foreign language education programs in high schools, resulting in the need for 10,000 teachers of Mandarin. India asks Taiwan for 10,000 Mandarin teachers – CNA ENGLISH NEWS Taipei, May 9 (CNA) India has asked Taiwan for 10,000 Mandarin teachers who could travel to the […]

Will this mean more scholarships for students wishing to study in Taiwan?

Taiwan already offers some fantastic scholarships to foreign students. As this article points out,  many of the foreign students already in Taiwan are here to study Chinese, but even more are here for four-year and advanced degrees. As a foreign student, it’s possible to complete a degree program in Taiwan without assuming any debt. Not […]

Taiwan creates website for Chinese students

Taiwan is set to begin accepting Chinese students on a full-time basis. At present, Chinese students can only study in Taiwan on a temporary, exchange basis. 大學校院招生大陸地區學生聯合招生委員會 ‧ 100學年度招收大陸地區學生研究所及學士班招生簡章、招生系所組與名額一覽表、標準作業流程、常見問題、招生資料查詢系統、下載專區、委員會組織、重要日程、規章辦法等…相關內容,已公告請至網站下載內容,謝謝 !! (2011.4.8)

Excellent English camp in Taitung County

By all accounts, this was a very engaging and educational camp for the participants. If you’re not familiar with Taiwan, you’ll be able to get some idea from the below video of how beautiful it is. If you are living in Taiwan and are looking for educational experiences for your children, I highly recommend that […]

Chinese students allowed to study in Taiwan universities…

…with restrictions Taipei Times – archives Door opened to Chinese students STICK TO BOOKS: Under a KMT-DPP consensus, about 2,000 Chinese students will be able to study in Taiwan, but they won’t be able to work during their studies By Shih Hsiu-chuanSTAFF REPORTERFriday, Aug 20, 2010, Page 1 Taiwan’s colleges and graduate schools will begin […]

Kinmen getting more universities

超過 chāo guò to surpass; to exceed; to outstrip 離島 lí dÇŽo outlying islands 理想 lǐ xiÇŽng a dream; an ideal; perfection; ideal; perfect; desirable; CL:個|個[ge4] 記者 jì zhÄ› reporter; journalist; CL:個|個[ge4] 規則 guÄ« zé rule; regulation; rules and regulations 招生 zhāo shÄ“ng to enroll new students; recruitment 即使 jí shǐ even if; even though […]

Taiwan universities to invite Chinese students

Good news for the Taiwan higher educational system: Taipei Times – archives Schools aiming to attract Chinese pupilsAIMING FOR SEPTEMBER: Proponents of amendments that would allow Chinese students to study in Taiwan want the legislature to pass them in the current session STAFF WRITER, WITH AP AND CNA , TAIPEIFriday, Jan 08, 2010, Page 2 […]

Unfortunate and misguided stand by DPP

As much as I respect and admire the progress the DPP has made the party’s contributions to Taiwan, I am often  confused by some of their xenophobic and seemingly very undemocratic stands on issues. If Chinese students in Taiwan were allowed to work, I would entirely agree with the DPP’s stand against allowing such students. […]