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Train meets landslide

And the landslide wins. This was during Kong Rei. See the story at

Approaching storm

What a difference a few hours makes. For most of the day here it was sunny and warm. The picture below was taken at about 4:00pm at the Jinzun beach. The wind is kicking up now.

Orchid Island waterspout

CWB English URL moved

The Taiwan CWB has once again changed the URL of their English service home page. The new page is located at Not only do they not have a forward from their old page, the English link on their Chinese home page still links to the old page,which is now a dysfunctional mess. They’ll probably […]

Unusual storm causes widespread crop damage

This was an unusual storm, in fact I think it probably did more damage than any of the typhoons that affected us the last few months. President pushes for 『systematic’ response to crop losses – Taiwan News Online In eastern Taiwan with crop damage more common because of an unpredictable climate, a systematic and fair […]

Roke an interesting storm

Roke is shaping up to be an interesting and apparently hard-to-predict storm. I don’t remember seeing anything quite like it. If it ends up heading west to north, it won’t be that unusual, but various models have had it heading southwest, which, from it’s current position, is unusual. In recent history, has a typhoon ever […]

Nanmadol reloaded

Given that it’s poring down rain at the moment and that it’s becoming clear that some areas of southern Taiwan are going to get well over 1,000mm of rain from this storm, the CWB will probably be updating this forecast. Things are far dicier out there today than they were when the typhoon was actually […]

Nanmadol looks interesting, unpredictable, and therefore cool

Nanmadol is a storm to be watched, as are they all. You can keep up to date with this storm on our homepage, and discussion will happen here and at

Site provides typhoon/hurricane tracking using Google Earth files

This site from Central Florida University posts Google Earth files for various storm tracking models. These files have the .kmz extension and should open with Google Earth automatically when clicked. This link was also added to the wiki weather page.

Shakin’ it in Hualien

So… are you guys in Hualien getting any earthquakes lately? Click the image to enlarge.