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Another Canadian busted

A Canadian man was arrested yesterday for drug-trafficking and growing marijuana in his residence in Taichung. Not again! But at least he did not say a cowardly thing like “I didn’t know it is illegal to grow marijuana in Taiwan.” 老外因禁藥被抓-又來了 , 這次沒說”不知種大麻在台灣是違法的…..” 懦弱的強辨. Canadian man busted for marijuana – The China Post Canadian man […]

業者以工業鹽混充食用鹽 – Business sells industrial salt as edible salt

There have been many food pollution problems recently in Taiwan, toxic rice and tea, dioxin duck, and now a factory has been busted for selling fake salt, but people are not reacting as strongly as they do to the highly politicized US beef issue.  最近本土有問題的食材頻被發現, 今天又抓到有業者以工業鹽混充食用鹽 都和健康有關 ,但民眾反應都不及有政治味的美國牛強烈. 就沒人遊行抗議政府未為食品嚴加把關. Taipei Times – archives Millions of […]

教師賣古科鹼 – Teacher arrested for selling cocaine

A Canadian English teacher was arrested in Taipei for selling cocaine. I hear this kind of news now and then and the most ridiculous thing is that some of them say after they’re arrested that they didn’t know possession of drugs is illegal in Taiwan. This is stupid and insulting. I have no pity on […]