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Joint Taiwanese-Chinese dictionary compiled

The websites that host the on-line dictionaries mentioned in the below article can be found at: (Taiwan site) (Chinese site) These links have also been added to the Formosahut wiki. Dictionary compiled by Taiwan, China talents released in Beijing Beijing, Feb. 8 (CNA) A new dictionary jointly compiled by scholars and experts from […]

Chewing Chinse input using pinyin

Why did I never know that you can input Chinese using pinyin on the Chewing input method? I always thought it was purely a zhuyin input method, but there is an option to use pinyin with Chewing. This makes Chewing the choice input method for traditional Chinese on Linux input systems such as IBus and […]

Taiwanese Universities attracting Chinese students

Taiwanese universities set sights on Chinese students – Taiwan News Online This is from the bi-lingual Taiwan News page, and I’ve added pinyin. Major Taiwanese universities, including those ranked at the top, have stepped up preparations to attract Chinese students even though the government has yet to enact related legislation. 儘管政府還沒有制定相關立法,包括排名頂端的台灣主要大學已經加緊準備吸引中國大陸學生。 儘管jin3 guan3 政府zheng4 fu3 […]

Nice site for Chinese study

This is actually an English learning site for native Chinese speakers, but I think you’ll find it works quite well for Chinese study also: 線上英漢字典與翻譯 – nè©žé…·