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New Year is over! Fantastic!

This is why we just stayed home and did nothing during the New Year madness. I’m glad it’s over. Taitung sees explosion in Lunar New Year visitor numbers Taipei, Jan. 30 (CNA) Tourists who visited the eastern county of Taitung over the nine-day Lunar New Year holiday period outnumbered the regular population by two to […]

Taiwan to get US Visa Waiver Program status (probably)

It looks fairly certain that Taiwan will now gain entry into the US Visa Waiver Program, and possibly quite soon. I can’t imagine them finishing it until after the Chinese New Year is well over, but it looks fairly sure it will be done certainly by the end of the year and more probably in […]

Free guide book available

You can download the free guidebook The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan (the title says it all)  at the link below. The link to the free guidebook as at the bottom of that page. It’s a fairly decent reference with just about any phone number you’d need for traveling in Taiwan. You can also […]

Scrap the US travel visa requirements!

The rest of the world has given Taiwan citizens visa-free status, why hasn’t the US? The ultimate result will be that Taiwanese will simply go somewhere else, thank you very much, and they’ll take their fun money somewhere else with them. AIT confirms US visa application fee will drop on May 9 – The China […]

Well done Canada!

Good news! Canada gives Taiwanese visa-waiver privileges – Taipei Times Canada gives Taiwanese visa-waiver privilegesBy Shih Hsiu-chuan / Staff Reporter Canada became the 39th country to grant Taiwanese visa-free privileges, effective yesterday, the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) announced on its Web site, a move that will save Republic of China (ROC) citizens precious […]

Many direct China-Taiwan flights canceled

The Associated Press: Taiwan-China flight negotiations hit snag Taiwan-China flight negotiations hit snag By DEBBY WU (AP) – 19 hours ago TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan’s negotiations with China on new cross-strait flights hit a snag after Beijing refused to reopen talks on scheduling and destination arrangements for the island’s airlines, a senior Taiwanese official said […]

Taiwan closer to Schengen visa waiver. Will the US be next?

This is great news for Taiwanese hoping to travel to Europe. It makes sense for EU as well as this move will absolutely boost Taiwanese travel to Europe. And once this happens, the US will have little choice but to eventually follow suit if it hopes to continue attracting Taiwanese tourists. At present, it costs […]

More routes between Taiwan and Japan

Air routes between Taiwan and Japan have decreased over the years, so it’s nice to see that the trend seems to be reversing. Taipei Times – archives New routes head to Japan A shorter air route between Hualien and the Japanese islands of Ishigaki and Yonaguni will be available from July 28, reducing the flight […]

Kenting Express provides service from Zuoying HSR to Kenting

The Kenting Express is not only a good way to get to Kenting, but to other stops along the way as well, such as Fangliao. Taipei Times – archives An express bus service began this month for travelers heading from the Zuoying (左營) high speed rail station to Kenting (墾丁). The Kenting Express Line will […]

HSR tickets available through Family Mart

Sweet:Taiwan News Online FamilyMart stores sell THSRC ticketsCentral News AgencyPage 22010-02-24 12:00 AM A total of 2,425 FamilyMart convenience stores across the country started offering high speed rail ticketing services yesterday, enabling passengers to buy or pick up tickets outside train stations in mere minutes. As of 9:45a.m., 345 orders for tickets had been placed […]