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UARS satellite to re-enter the atmosphere

NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is going to re-enter the atmosphere and mostly burn up on re-entry, creating an extraordinary visual event particularly if it happens at night. Will we be able to see it in Taiwan? It’s too early to tell. I once saw a satellite burn up on re-entry. It was the early […]

Free traditional Chinese fonts

Here are two good sources for free traditional Chinese fonts:

Absolutely, positively something to look for

I’ll be looking for this model, and if anybody sees it on the shelves in Pingtung, please let me know. Slashdot Hardware Story | Asus Budget Ultraportable Notebook Sold Sans OS EconolineCrush writes “Tired of paying the Windows tax on notebooks? Asus’s Eee PC 1201T budget ultraportable comes without a traditional operating system and sells […]

科技之島 – High tech island… not

I used to think the title “high-tech island” meant that Taiwan was advanced in every aspect, but I doubt this is accurate now that I’m aware of how much we’ve fallen behind in educational technology, how unpopular  Lixus is, how unpopular Fiber-optic communication is, etc. Just because Taiwan manufactures computers doesn’t mean it’s high tech. […]

Quantum Internet – 量子網路

對巴基斯坦, 中國, 甚至美國這些監視人民的國家會很高興知道 “量子網路”(能讓你在送出查詢及接收結果的過程中,沒有人/Google 知道你問了什麼問題)這個好秘方可能快來臨.dui4 Ba1ji1si1tan3 , Zhong1guo2 , shen4zhi4 Mei3guo2 zhe4xie jian1shi4 ren2min2 de guo2jia1 hui4 hen3 gao1xing4 zhi1dao  “liang4zi3 wang3lu4 “(neng2 rang4 ni3 zai4 song4 chu1 cha2xun2 ji2 jie1shou1 jie2guo3 de guo4cheng2 zhong1 ,mei2you3ren2 /Google zhi1dao ni3 wen4 le shen2me wen4ti2 )zhe4ge4 hao3 mi4 fang1 ke3neng2 kuai4 lai2lin2 . Quantum Internet Could Protect […]

Ballmer in Taiwan – 微軟執行長來台

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promotes the idea that “cloud computing is the future.” He is in Taiwan and he says it is “PC PLUS” in the future. I am a high tech moron and all I am interested in is that he and Bill Gates were Harvard classmates and that means they have been friends […]

Hawaiians use i-pods more than Taiwanese do

Almost every youngster on the street in Hawaii is using an i-pod but here in Taiwan they’re not nearly as common. Cell phones are more popular than i-pods here. I am not sure if it is because the people are wealthier in Hawaii or because I don’t visit big cities often enough in Taiwan. 在夏威夷的街上看見的年青人幾乎都用i […]