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Yet more on Taiwan as the origin of many Pacific Islanders

Taipei Times – archives Pacific Islanders’ history With reference to your review of my book, Surviving Paradise (“Notes from a very small island,” May 9, page 14), and Bradley Winterton’s doubts about my claim that Taiwanese Aborigines colonized the Pacific Islands, I would like to clarify and support this claim. It is the orthodox view […]

Protest against dog breeder

Getting rid of your trash

One could argue that life in Taiwan was much easier, in a trashy sort of way, when everybody just threw their garbage onto a big pile every evening at some designated street corner. But now that we’re required to actually dispose of our waste in a reasonable fashion, here are some guidelines: Information for foreigners-Environmental […]

iPod zombies

Beware, iPod zombie cyclists are on the rise – Times Online WATCH out for the iPod zombies. Cyclists distracted by music blaring in their ears have become the latest menace on Britain’s roads. The fashion for cyclists to wear earphones on crowded city streets is being held partly responsible for the recent upsurge in cycling […]

Not allowed to hang your laundry outside?

US residents are battling with property owners and neighbors for the right to hang their laundry outdoors. It’s odd that the country where people put most importance on “human rights” fusses over such small things that people here take for granted, like discussing if you can be naked in your own home. 美國人拚節能, 爭戶外曬衣權- 最講人權的國家竟需爭這台灣人無法想像的芝麻綠豆小事, […]

Politician’s affair more investigated than presidential assassination attempt

Prominent ruling Kuomintang legislator Wu Yu-sheng confirmed a newspaper story yesterday that he had an extramarital affair. All the Taiwan media are exciting about these kinds of news stories. They even dug up photos of the woman when she was a student and all sorts of other details about her. Why don’t they make the […]

Unfortunate and misguided stand by DPP

As much as I respect and admire the progress the DPP has made the party’s contributions to Taiwan, I am often  confused by some of their xenophobic and seemingly very undemocratic stands on issues. If Chinese students in Taiwan were allowed to work, I would entirely agree with the DPP’s stand against allowing such students. […]

Stray dogs and cats

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan promised yesterday to take measures to stop inhumane treatment of stray dogs and cats, in response to a petition by animal rights activists. Taiwan is the “hell of stray animals. It is a big, ugly scar on a pretty face. 農委會昨天即要求關閉全台一百零四處動物留置所; 台灣流浪貓狗留置所如同「動物煉獄」.這樣的事就如同一個醜陋的大疤在臉上 . nong2 wei3 hui4 zuo2tian1 ji2 yao1qiu2 guan1bi4 quan2 tai2 […]

教師賣古科鹼 – Teacher arrested for selling cocaine

A Canadian English teacher was arrested in Taipei for selling cocaine. I hear this kind of news now and then and the most ridiculous thing is that some of them say after they’re arrested that they didn’t know possession of drugs is illegal in Taiwan. This is stupid and insulting. I have no pity on […]

Professor not happy with student behavior

Professor Daisy Hung, Chairwoman of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at the National Central University, criticized the bad attitude of medical school students at Taiwan National University toward their classes, and said that schools should have "etiquette classes" to deal with this problem. This may seem like no big deal but the effects are not […]