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Live streams of Hong Kong Occupy Central / Umbrella Revolution protest

You can find links to live feeds of the Hong Kong Occupy Central / Umbrella Revolution protest at

Acting DPP chairwoman Chen Chu denied entry to Cuba

Huh… I wonder why… Kaohsiung mayor arrives in U.S. after rejection by Cuba 2012/02/23 12:47:52 Taipei, Feb. 23 (CNA) Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu has arrived in Los Angeles after being denied entry to Cuba, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Thursday. Officials from the Republic of China Embassy in the Dominican Republic and Taiwan’s representative […]

Milkfish for sale

Regardless of one’s political persuasions, you have to give credit to the Mainland Chinese government for their increasingly effective efforts to buy Taiwanese voters. For years now, they have been courting Taiwanese farmers, and as this article illustrates, they are targeting Tainan fish farmers. Tainan has traditionally been a ‘green’, i.e., DPP base. As Tainan […]

Protests in Egypt

Vocabulary:埃及    AÄ« jí    Egypt é©…æ•£    qÅ« sàn    disperse; break up 示威者    shì wÄ“i zhÄ›    demonstrator; protester 廣場    guÇŽng chÇŽng    a public square (e.g. Tiananmen Square); plaza; CL:個|个[ge4] 穆巴拉克    Mù bā lā kè    Hosni Mubarak 委員會    wÄ›i yuán huì    committee 開槍    kāi qiāng    to open fire; to shoot a gun BBC 中文网 – 國際新聞 – 簡訊:埃及軍隊驅散開羅示威者 […]

They fight well enough, but their costumes suck

This sort of behaviour at an ‘Education and Culture Committee’ meeting might seem out of place, but then this is Taiwan. I used to feel righteous indignation when learning of such events, but now I just few them as good, wholesome entertainment. Of course it’s a good thing that more women are getting elected to […]

Politician’s affair more investigated than presidential assassination attempt

Prominent ruling Kuomintang legislator Wu Yu-sheng confirmed a newspaper story yesterday that he had an extramarital affair. All the Taiwan media are exciting about these kinds of news stories. They even dug up photos of the woman when she was a student and all sorts of other details about her. Why don’t they make the […]


殖民帝國沒了“Britain has offered to hand over almost half of its sovereign territory in Cyprus to facilitate a peace deal between the island’s estranged Greek and Turkish Cypriots.” Coincidentally, we just watched “GANDHI” last night and I don’t think any country can be a hegemonic empire any more. 英國交出在塞浦路斯半數主權以促成希臘離島和土爾其間的和平. 真巧, 昨晚才看”甘地” .現今再見不到”霸凌”帝國了.Ying1guo2 jiao1chu1 zai4 sai4pu3lu4si1 ban4shu4 […]


China Internet activist trial starts before Obama visits with human rights on his agenda. “A guest is coming. Hurry and close the door to the dark and messy storage room,” says Mum. 中國大陸有件網路活動的案子趕在美總統以人權為議程訪問前審訊… 媽媽喊 “有客人來,快把又黑又亂的儲藏室關起來!”


"China is not happy that President Obama was going to meet the Dalai Lama and said that Chinese people’s opinion should not be insulted." "China journalists gave the Taiwan delegation a hard time in the international press at APEC." These fierce actions are the result of insecurity. "中方對歐巴馬可能在訪中後會見達賴喇嘛不滿 , 中國的民意不可辱 " 或 "APEC台灣代表團首場國際記者會遭到大陸記者「踢館」"-凶捍的人其實背地裡是極大的不安全感, 瞭解了就不必太生氣.


Allied countries are pledging to send more help to Afghanistan before a much anticipated decision from President Barack Obama on whether to send more troops. If the USA sends no more troops, maybe there will be no need for Afghan assistance. How come I am smarter than those politicians? Weird. 聯合國請求在美總統決定派更多軍隊到阿富汗前, 給阿富汗多點幫助 …美國不再增兵打仗不就沒這必要了嗎? 怎麼我比政客聰明啊?奇怪!lian2he2guo2 qing3qiu2 […]