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Moringa tree spotted in Kaohsiung

It’s hard to see, but just left of the street lamp is a moringa tree that hasn’t been pruned in quite a long time. This is on the bike trail that starts at the harbor and runs along the old rail road track. This spot is very close to what is at present the north […]

Natural ant repellent

After all the recent rain, we’re being invaded by small, biting ants. One way to clear them from your kitchen floor is to spread a little talcum powder (baby powder). Your kitchen might end up smelling like a diaper, but it will be ant free.

Boys throw stones at hornet nest and…

Considering that this is a possibly life-threatening situation, it would seem that the police and media would have paid more attention to the cause of the hornet attack: …witnesses reported the hornets swarmed from their nest and began attacking people after a couple of boys threw stones at the nest I’ve read that more people […]

Chinese Oriole

Apparently these Orioles are on the east coast, but I have yet to see one. 有幾首傳唱黃鸝鳥的歌曲,曲裡旋律之間描述該鳥具有美妙的聲音。今年初傳出台灣東部又發現難得一見的黃鸝鳥蹤跡,但個人百尋不著,卻巧遇朱鸝鳥兩次。算很幸運了。 在偏遠山區碰見的兩回,朱鸝都成對出現,紅黑對比的色澤,美麗不在話下。牠們發出的聲音,是可以說很有特色,但若形容為天籟,那麼我絕對是不同意的。 黃鸝也是,雖然但現在為止都還沒有看過牠,但據說牠的聲音聽來「很恐怖」。有人笑稱如「勾魂使者」,連狗聽了都會加以呼應。自然界是公平的,就這兩種「麗鳥」來說。牠們有著美艷的外型,但只能有「不對稱的聲音」。 如果自然界之上,還有所謂上帝的話,那麼「上帝是公平的」,這樣的說法,就朱鸝和黃鸝鳥來說,我認為也算是。

JADAB = Just another day at the beach

I went to the beach today on a whim. It was a beautiful day, but the beach was so damn crowded! Click on the pictures for a larger image.

Black-faced spoonbill – 黑面琵鷺

The endangered black-faced spoonbills have migrated in record numbers to southern Taiwan to spend the winter this year. The winter of southern Taiwan is not cold. Maybe that is why they are here for the winter season. (Ha, me too!) 今年瀕臨絕跡的黑面琵鷺以創新高的數量在南台灣過冬. 南台灣的冬季不冷, 也許這是為什麼它們來這兒(哈! 跟我一樣.) jin1nian2 bin1lin2 jue2 ji1 de hei1 mian4 pi2 lu4 yi3 chuang4xin1 […]

Alishan – 阿里山

I visited Alishan when I was young, and I’ve been wanting to visit again for a long time but never did due to my fear of crowds. I learned recently that due to the damage caused by typhoon Morakot, tour busses could not go to Alishan, so there were very few visitors. As a result, […]

Taiwan flora – 植物

The article about Fagus Hayatae/Taiwan Beech surprised me. I didn’t know they could grow in a tropical climate. I always thought they could only be seen in high attitude places such as in Canada or Japan. 那篇山毛櫸的文章令我驚訝它們能長在熱帶 ,以為只在高緯度的國家如加拿大,日本才見的到. 那    [na4]    /that/those/ 篇    [pian1]    /sheet/piece of writing/(a measure word)/chapter/article/ 山    [shan1]    /mountain/hill/ 毛    [mao2]    /hair/pore/fur/ 櫸   […]