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蘇菲和 Daisy

I watched "Sophie’s Choice" again last night and it occurred to me that Daisy of "The Great Gatsby" and Sophie of "Sophie’s Choice" have a similar quality. They both were beautiful outside and fragile and vulnerable inside. Meryl Streep’s acting is always precise but in this movie she acted as if "Sophie" was living in […]

Movies – 電影

I unexpectedly saw a movie “little children”. Kate Winslet did not disappoint me. She always makes right choices about scripts (she was in “Holiday” because she needs to eat like everybody.) I like her since her early movies like “Heavenly Creatures” and “Holy Smoke” and many more. 無意中看了凱特溫斯雷演的 wu2yi4 zhong1 kan4 le kai3te4wen1si1lei2 yan3 de […]

The joy or reading – 閱讀

The ability of reading is essential to me . It reveals countless invisible passages in life. People sometimes don’t appreciated that because being able to read is almost like riding a bicycle, especially for those people who read only “words” or only things like pamphlets and think of reading as purely a physical activity. The […]