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開心農場 – Happy Farm

The popular on-line game "Happy Farm" on Facebook has problems all the time and Taiwan players refused to play the game for one week. Am I too practical or what? If I can’t touch or smell something, where’s the fun? "開心農場"頻出狀況 ,台灣玩家拒玩一星期. "kai1xin1 nong2chang3" pin2 chu1 zhuang4kuang4 ,Tai2wan1 wan2 jia1 ju4 wan2 yi1 xing1qi1 . […]

馬拉松 – Marathon

A total of 10,000 runners participated in the marathon near Taroko Gorge, held in Hualien, Taiwan. The runners must have gotten more enjoyment out of running in such a beautiful place than the competition itself. 一萬人參加的花蓮太魯閣馬拉松昨開始. 在那樣的地方跑步八成享受多於競爭. yi1wan4 ren2shen1 jia1 de Hua1lian2 tai4 lu3 ge2 ma3la2song1 zuo2 kai1shi3 . zai4 na4yang4de di4fang pao3bu4 ba1cheng2 xiang3shou4 duo1 yu2 […]

Taiwanese want to grow their own vegetables when they retire – 台灣人退休後 最想自己種菜吃

It was reported that what Taiwanese most want to do when they retire is to grow their own vegetables for their meals. I feel exactly the same way. 報上說台灣人退休後, 最想自己種菜吃. 我現在就很想. bao4 shang4 shuo1 Tai2wan1 ren2 tui4xiu1 hou4, zui4 xiang3 zi4ji3 zhong4 cai4 chi1. wo3 xian4zai4 jiu4 hen3 xiang3.

Finding a quiet apartment – 台灣市區的房子

This morning I heard the noise of a crane and I started to worry. "Don’t tell me it’s going to happen again," I thought. It is funny or maybe tragic that every time we move to an apartment because there is a park in front of it and we could see trees from the balcony […]

Famous author comments on Taiwan – 《2000年大趨勢》作者奈思比來台

John Naisbitt, international bestsellng author of  Megatrends 2000, is here and he says people here should not spend so much energy focusing only on politics. I wonder if people agree with him. 國際暢銷書《2000年大趨勢》作者奈思比來台 guo2ji4 chang4xiao1 shu1 《2000nian2 da4 qu1shi4 》zuo2zhe3 nai4 si1 bi3lai2 tai2 他說台灣的人民不該只重政治立場 ta1 shuo1 Tai2wan1 de ren2min2 bu4 gai1 zhi3 zhong4 zheng4zhi4 […]

The joy or reading – 閱讀

The ability of reading is essential to me . It reveals countless invisible passages in life. People sometimes don’t appreciated that because being able to read is almost like riding a bicycle, especially for those people who read only “words” or only things like pamphlets and think of reading as purely a physical activity. The […]

Hawaiians use i-pods more than Taiwanese do

Almost every youngster on the street in Hawaii is using an i-pod but here in Taiwan they’re not nearly as common. Cell phones are more popular than i-pods here. I am not sure if it is because the people are wealthier in Hawaii or because I don’t visit big cities often enough in Taiwan. 在夏威夷的街上看見的年青人幾乎都用i […]