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Protests in Egypt

Vocabulary:埃及    AÄ« jí    Egypt é©…æ•£    qÅ« sàn    disperse; break up 示威者    shì wÄ“i zhÄ›    demonstrator; protester 廣場    guÇŽng chÇŽng    a public square (e.g. Tiananmen Square); plaza; CL:個|个[ge4] 穆巴拉克    Mù bā lā kè    Hosni Mubarak 委員會    wÄ›i yuán huì    committee 開槍    kāi qiāng    to open fire; to shoot a gun BBC 中文网 – 國際新聞 – 簡訊:埃及軍隊驅散開羅示威者 […]

教師賣古科鹼 – Teacher arrested for selling cocaine

A Canadian English teacher was arrested in Taipei for selling cocaine. I hear this kind of news now and then and the most ridiculous thing is that some of them say after they’re arrested that they didn’t know possession of drugs is illegal in Taiwan. This is stupid and insulting. I have no pity on […]

馬麗娜 – Matika Leena Marjatta

Christian missionary Matika Leena Marjatta of Finland, who had worked in Henchun, Taiwan for over 40 years, returned to Taiwan recently to visit the hospital where she served as a nurse. We like to run into to religious people like that who act on their beliefs and really treat Taiwan as their home. 曾在台逾40å¹´ ,來自芬蘭的基督教傳教士馬麗娜,最近返台探視她任職護士的恆春基督教醫院. […]

蘇菲和 Daisy

I watched "Sophie’s Choice" again last night and it occurred to me that Daisy of "The Great Gatsby" and Sophie of "Sophie’s Choice" have a similar quality. They both were beautiful outside and fragile and vulnerable inside. Meryl Streep’s acting is always precise but in this movie she acted as if "Sophie" was living in […]

Tomatoes – 蕃茄

A researcher from Reading university showed that adding tomatoes to sandwiches makes people feel full. It is thought that this is probably because tomatoes cause less ghrelin to be produced by the body. Fresh tomatoes are a great addition to many dishes like the best "supporting role" in a movie. They taste so good in […]

Finding a quiet apartment – 台灣市區的房子

This morning I heard the noise of a crane and I started to worry. "Don’t tell me it’s going to happen again," I thought. It is funny or maybe tragic that every time we move to an apartment because there is a park in front of it and we could see trees from the balcony […]

Itchy winter rashes – 癢

Intense itching is generally the first and most annoying symptom and it is happening on my fingers this winter. I usually had it on my my toes before. However, if this is the worst thing that happens to me, I should consider myself lucky . 首要症狀為劇癢且討厭第一名的,”冬季濕疹”今年冬天都長在我的手指 ,以前大多在腳趾. shou3yao4 zheng4zhuang4 wei4 ju4 yang3 qie3 tao3yan4 di4yi1 […]