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Taiwan creates website for Chinese students

Taiwan is set to begin accepting Chinese students on a full-time basis. At present, Chinese students can only study in Taiwan on a temporary, exchange basis. 大學校院招生大陸地區學生聯合招生委員會 ‧ 100學年度招收大陸地區學生研究所及學士班招生簡章、招生系所組與名額一覽表、標準作業流程、常見問題、招生資料查詢系統、下載專區、委員會組織、重要日程、規章辦法等…相關內容,已公告請至網站下載內容,謝謝 !! (2011.4.8)

兩岸 – Cross-strait MOU

Mainland China and Taiwan are ready to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU). There are many new polices being implemented in cross-strait relations now. I don’t understand those things but I like to see anything that can improve people’s lives on both sides. 兩岸即將簽訂金融監理合作備忘錄(MOU). liang3an4 ji2jiang1 qian1ding4 jin1rong2 jian1 li3 he2zuo4 bei4wang4lu4 (MOU). 一如往常, 我依然不懂現在兩岸許多新法案. […]

Famous author comments on Taiwan – 《2000年大趨勢》作者奈思比來台

John Naisbitt, international bestsellng author of  Megatrends 2000, is here and he says people here should not spend so much energy focusing only on politics. I wonder if people agree with him. 國際暢銷書《2000年大趨勢》作者奈思比來台 guo2ji4 chang4xiao1 shu1 《2000nian2 da4 qu1shi4 》zuo2zhe3 nai4 si1 bi3lai2 tai2 他說台灣的人民不該只重政治立場 ta1 shuo1 Tai2wan1 de ren2min2 bu4 gai1 zhi3 zhong4 zheng4zhi4 […]

Hawaiians use i-pods more than Taiwanese do

Almost every youngster on the street in Hawaii is using an i-pod but here in Taiwan they’re not nearly as common. Cell phones are more popular than i-pods here. I am not sure if it is because the people are wealthier in Hawaii or because I don’t visit big cities often enough in Taiwan. 在夏威夷的街上看見的年青人幾乎都用i […]

Allergy sufferers beware – 空氣糟

The weather bureau advised people who suffer from allergies to go outside as little as possible due to the unusual dust storm triggered by the northeastern monsoon recently: 因近來東北季風引起的沙塵暴較以往嚴重, 氣象局勸告過敏患者儘量少出門. yin1 jin4 lai2 dong1 bei3 ji4 feng1 yin3 qi3 de sha1 chen2 bao4 jiao4 yi3 wang3 yan2 zhong4, qi4 xiang4 ju2 quan4 gao4 guo4 min3 […]