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Allied countries are pledging to send more help to Afghanistan before a much anticipated decision from President Barack Obama on whether to send more troops. If the USA sends no more troops, maybe there will be no need for Afghan assistance. How come I am smarter than those politicians? Weird. 聯合國請求在美總統決定派更多軍隊到阿富汗前, 給阿富汗多點幫助 …美國不再增兵打仗不就沒這必要了嗎? 怎麼我比政客聰明啊?奇怪!lian2he2guo2 qing3qiu2 […]

開心農場 – Happy Farm

The popular on-line game "Happy Farm" on Facebook has problems all the time and Taiwan players refused to play the game for one week. Am I too practical or what? If I can’t touch or smell something, where’s the fun? "開心農場"頻出狀況 ,台灣玩家拒玩一星期. "kai1xin1 nong2chang3" pin2 chu1 zhuang4kuang4 ,Tai2wan1 wan2 jia1 ju4 wan2 yi1 xing1qi1 . […]

柏林圍牆 – Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall fall on 20 years ago today. There are lots of different viewpoints about it but just as Mikhail Gorbachev said, “What should happen will happen.” That’s just the way life is. 柏林圍牆在20年前的今天倒下. bo2lin2 wei2qiang2 zai4 20nian2qian2 de jin1tian1 dao3 xia4 . 人們有不同見解, 戈巴契夫說的好 “該發生就會發生” ,世事就是這樣 . ren2men you3 bu4tong2 jian4jie3 , ge1ba1 […]

釋放能量 – Release energy

Three temblors jolted Taiwan yesterday, but caused no damage or casualties. The earth needs to release energy just like people. 昨天台灣有三次無人傷亡的震動,土地和人一樣需要釋放能量. zuo2tian1 Tai2wan1 you3 san1ci4 wu2ren2 shang1wang2 de zhen4dong4 ,tu3di4 he2 ren2 yi2yang4 xu1yao4 shi4fang4 neng2liang4 .

馬拉松 – Marathon

A total of 10,000 runners participated in the marathon near Taroko Gorge, held in Hualien, Taiwan. The runners must have gotten more enjoyment out of running in such a beautiful place than the competition itself. 一萬人參加的花蓮太魯閣馬拉松昨開始. 在那樣的地方跑步八成享受多於競爭. yi1wan4 ren2shen1 jia1 de Hua1lian2 tai4 lu3 ge2 ma3la2song1 zuo2 kai1shi3 . zai4 na4yang4de di4fang pao3bu4 ba1cheng2 xiang3shou4 duo1 yu2 […]

Taiwanese want to grow their own vegetables when they retire – 台灣人退休後 最想自己種菜吃

It was reported that what Taiwanese most want to do when they retire is to grow their own vegetables for their meals. I feel exactly the same way. 報上說台灣人退休後, 最想自己種菜吃. 我現在就很想. bao4 shang4 shuo1 Tai2wan1 ren2 tui4xiu1 hou4, zui4 xiang3 zi4ji3 zhong4 cai4 chi1. wo3 xian4zai4 jiu4 hen3 xiang3.

People unhappy with capitalism

A Sustainability/Globescan survey found that people are tired of capitalism. Does it take an economic downturn for people to see that? 據全球民調說"人們對資本主義生厭". 遇到不景氣才感覺"厭"? ju4 quan2qiu2 min2diao4 shuo1 "ren2men dui4 zi1ben3zhu3yi4 sheng1 yan4". yu4dao4 bu4jing3qi4 cai2 gan3jue2 "yan4"? 資本主義 zÄ« bÄ›n zhÇ” yì = capitalism 厭 yàn = loathe, 不景氣 bù jǐng qì = depression, recession, […]

Taiwan flora – 植物

The article about Fagus Hayatae/Taiwan Beech surprised me. I didn’t know they could grow in a tropical climate. I always thought they could only be seen in high attitude places such as in Canada or Japan. 那篇山毛櫸的文章令我驚訝它們能長在熱帶 ,以為只在高緯度的國家如加拿大,日本才見的到. 那    [na4]    /that/those/ 篇    [pian1]    /sheet/piece of writing/(a measure word)/chapter/article/ 山    [shan1]    /mountain/hill/ 毛    [mao2]    /hair/pore/fur/ 櫸   […]

Movies – 電影

I unexpectedly saw a movie “little children”. Kate Winslet did not disappoint me. She always makes right choices about scripts (she was in “Holiday” because she needs to eat like everybody.) I like her since her early movies like “Heavenly Creatures” and “Holy Smoke” and many more. 無意中看了凱特溫斯雷演的 wu2yi4 zhong1 kan4 le kai3te4wen1si1lei2 yan3 de […]

Laughter is good medicine – 笑=è—¥

I read this article on-line – “How the Marx brothers bought Norman Cousins back to life” located at and I’m wondering if it works for allergies as well. 在網上看到這篇文章 “醫二三事/哈哈笑”. 不知對過敏有沒有效 zai4 wang3shang4 kan4dao4 zhe4 pian1 wen2zhang1  yi1 er4 san1shi4 /ha1 ha1xiao4 . bu4 zhi1 dui4guo4 min3 you3mei2 you3 xiao4 篇 – pian1 – […]