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DEHP – plasticizer added to food to cut costs

Food producers in Taiwan have been adding DEHP, a plasticizer, to food as a replacement for palm oil. EDIT: I’ve been editing this original posting over the last day or so, adding products and companies to the lists below as I read about them in the media. But at this point it appears that essentially […]

Getting into the White House easier than passing US immigration

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Secret Service is investigating how two aspiring reality TV stars beat several layers of security to gatecrash President Barack Obama’s first White House state dinner. Hmm… Getting into the White House doesn’t require a visa. It is easier than going through US immigration.混進白宮國宴 特勤維安大漏洞進白宮國宴-不必簽證, 不經機場海關, 比入境美國容易. Barack Obama party gatecrashed by […]