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Just an update

This blog is rarely used but is being maintained for the sake of previous posts. See the forum or wiki for more up to date action.

Jellyfish spotted in Love River under the Qixian bridge in Kaohsiung

Not too long ago, the only things you could expect to see floating in the Love River were garbage, raw sewage, used condoms, and an occasional corpse. How times have changed. The river is now full of life and generally odor free. Kaohsiung has managed to pull off a very positive transformation. The pictures are […]

Buying Skype credit in Taiwan

Skype has recently started requiring people in Taiwan to buy Skype credit through PChome. Many people are finding that once they connect to Skype from within Taiwan, they can no longer add credit in the normal way, through the Skype web page, but instead are forwarded to PChome where they are required to divulge all […]

Car nearly smooshed by boulder

I’m not clear on where in Taiwan this happened. This was published by The Guardian at Download the video: Boulder almost hits car

Taiwan to get a Great Firewall?

It looks like Taiwan may create its own version of The Great Firewall. TAIPEI, Taiwan — Well-known international website The Next Web recently reported that Taiwan will block overseas Internet services that infringe on copyrights — similar to measures taken by China — and triggered discussions among foreign Internet users. The tech community and […]

Winning lottery receipt numbers for January – February 2013

Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for Months 01-02, Year 2013 Special Prize     18623268 NT$10 million for matching all the digits from the above special prize winning number. Grand Prize     23322026 NT$2 million for matching all the digits from the above grand prize winning number. First Prize     55296725、65713406、44395947 NT$200,000 for matching all the digits […]

New Longchang speed camera?

It appears that a new Longchang speed camera is set to be unveiled soon. I would imagine that initially at least it will be very diligent. Slow down!

Great White shark caught off Changbin coast

I’m posting the article in its entirety as Yahoo often deletes its stories. Found at 台東捕獲大白鯊 衝浪不受影響 中央社 – 2012å¹´11月14æ—¥ 下午7:03 (中央社記者盧太城台東縣14日電)台東漁民今天凌晨在長濱外海捕獲近千公斤大白鯊,民眾擔心衝浪賽安全,縣府說衝浪賽離岸很近,且有巡邏,賽事不受影響。 漁船靠港後,吸引大批遊客圍觀,不少人拿出相機拍照,但大白鯊血盆大口露出利牙,也讓小朋友卻步。 滿隆億漁船船長許榮輝說,今天凌晨在長濱烏石鼻外海捕旗魚,流刺網忽然受到重擊,他和船員趕緊收網,「不得了,是大白鯊」,扭力相當強,和大白鯊搏鬥約半小時,漁船還是居下風,只好用旗魚鏢射殺。 大白鯊中鏢後,許榮輝才順利拉上船,今天下午入港拍賣,賣得新台幣18萬5000元。許榮輝說,5年前他也曾捕獲大白鯊,大約700公斤,今天這尾長約450公分,有近千公斤。 包括宜蘭、花蓮、台東在內的東部海域最近陸續捕獲大白鯊,這幾天台東縣政府又舉辦國際衝浪賽,大白鯊的出現引起民眾關心。 「人類不是牠的菜」,海洋大學環境生物與漁業科學系副教授莊守正說,雖然有人類被大白鯊咬傷的紀錄,但通常是因為大白鯊誤以為人類是海中哺乳動物,錯當食物,當咬了後發現不是,就會立即放開跑走。 台東縣政府觀光旅遊處長陳淑慧表示,鯊魚出沒都在距離岸邊300公尺外,衝浪海域在100公尺內,因此不受影響,但還是會做好安全措施;海面上有海巡單位巡邏艇警戒,岸邊有瞭望台觀察。1011114


Just saw a UFO. It was not a plane. It was much brighter with no blinking lights and moving faster. It looked like a satellite of sorts at very low altitude with a bit of a reddish glow on the outside (could have been an atmospheric effect). It went into the clouds, reappeared soon afterwards […]

Public phone ‘long distance’ rates dropping

When was the last time you used, or even saw, a pay phone in Taiwan? I’m assuming that ‘long distance’ here refers to calls being made within Taiwan, not, say, from Taitung to Chicago. Long-distance call rates from public phones going down By Shelley Shan / Staff Reporter Starting on March 1, people using public […]